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Halloween is officially a thing!

Whether shimmering sequins, gothic black lace or fierce leopard prints are calling to you, the dark splendour of Halloween make a statement like no other. Ladies it’s time to get your Hallow-Queen game on.

Gone are the days when Halloween consisted of either frumpy witches costumes or the equally predictable sexy cat woman jumpsuit (snore), Halloween is now an all encompassing celebration of darkly gothic glam where anything goes.

Whether you’re more Heidi Klum or Kimmy K, we’ve got the perfect Halloween outfit to suit the most demanding of dress codes: luxury lace maxi dress? Yes! Body contouring LBD ? Dramatic midnight jumpsuit? Hell yes! And for those of you who aim to ace the Halloween glitterati with an unexpected twist we’ve got just the dress to do it in: fierce feline leopard print midi dresses, devilish haute red gowns or body contouring minis.

Wherever you’re off to this Halloween, make sure you’re dressed to kill.

Club L x