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Bring every wish(list) to life with a Club L London gift card this gifting season!


Quick, easy & convenient, our e-gift cards are sent straight to the recipient’s inbox on a date selected by you

with your own personal message. Alternatively, you can choose to share over facebook instant messenger

or, print at home.


The gift of giving has never been easier- so let your nearest and dearest treat themselves to what they really want

on that special occasion.



Purchasing an e-gift card couldn't be easier, follow the below steps to get yours now.


Visit our gift card page, select the amount you would like
to gift & click send as gift.


Add the recipients details, a personal message & select
a custom image and when you would like the e-gift card
to be delivered.

*Please ensure you are adding the right recipient details so that the e-gift card is not sent to the wrong person


Add to cart & transact though checkout-
now get ready to make someones day!

For more details on gift cards, see our FAQ's below.


How Do I Check My Gift Card/Store Credit Balance?

Checking your gift card or store credit balance is super simple. Just head over to our check balance page where you can insert your code and see your current balance before you make your next Club L purchase.

How Long Is My Gift Card Valid?

Gift cards are redeemable on all products for 12 months from date of purchase. If gift card credit is not redeemed within 12 months from date of purchase, the credit will expire and no longer be redeemable. To avoid credit loss, ensure that credit is spent within this time range. Club L London cannot be held responsible for the gift card purchaser sending the gift card to the wrong email address or person, please ensure that the receiver information is correct before sending.

Can I Use Store Credit & Gift Cards Together?

Good news, you can use your Club L digital gift card in conjunction with any loyalty cards from store credit that you may have. When you make your purchase, make sure to redeem your cards together at checkout when prompted.

Can I Use A Discount Code & My Gift Card And/Or Store Credit?

Yes, discount codes are still valid when you use either a gift card or a loyalty card to make your club l purchase.

How Do I Combine My Gift Card/Store Credit?

We want you to have the best shopping experience with us so we’ve made it easy for you to combine any gift cards or store credit that you may have. Head over to your account information where you will find your loyalty card code, the remaining balance, and any gift cards you have. Here, you can merge your gift card into your loyalty card by clicking on the plus icon. This action will disable your gift card and add the credit to your loyalty card so that you don’t have to use multiple codes when making your purchase and can enjoy a smoother checkout.

Do I Need To Be Logged In To Use My Gift Card/Store Credit?

If you are logged into your club l account, adding your gift card or store credit to your order is quick and easy. Just hit the ‘apply store credit’ button at checkout and your credit will be automatically applied to your order. However, if you are not logged into your account, you can add your code at checkout to use your store credit or gift card on your order.

Is My Gift Card/Store Credit Transferable?

Yes, transfer your gift card or store credit to a friend by sharing the card’s specific code. This code can then be inputted at checkout and the credit will be applied to the order.

What Happens If I Return An Order Bought On Gift Card/Store Credit?

Any orders that are bought via a gift card or on store credit will be refunded to the card that they were purchased on in the form of store credit.

I Have Sent My Gift Card To The Wrong Email Address

Contact customer services and we will do our best to help recover your gift card.

Please note that Club L London cannot be held responsible for the gift card purchaser sending the gift card to the wrong email address or person, please ensure that the receiver information is correct before sending.